Not your fault? Looking to make a claim against the other person’s insurance?

Find out how we can protect you from losing your no-claims bonus AND excess.

If you have had a vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, we will provide you with a NO COST like for like vehicle (not a small courtesy car usually provided). We claim all costs back from the other parties’ insurance.

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Non-Fault Accident Insurance Claims

DO NOT CLAIM OFF YOUR INSURANCE Claim off the person who is at fault.

Your Legal Rights After an Accident

A car or van accident is a stressful time – especially if it wasn’t your fault.

You might lose your car insurance excess and have to pay it, plus lose access to a vehicle while yours is repaired by the other person’s insurance. You might also be given a small temporary vehicle until yours is repaired.

There is a solution to all of these issues
When you are not to blame after an accident, the third parties’ insurer might try and get away with loaning you a small 3-door car while yours is repaired.

BY LAW you are entitled to a temporary car of the same category and size as your vehicle. We ensure this happens, and take away the hassle and stress of this sometimes hard situation. From dealing with your and the other person’s insurance company to getting you mobile and into a like-for-like replacement vehicle – usually even within hours after the accident.

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