Your rights and what to do after an accident

A car or bike accident can be a very stressful time. As one of the UK’s leading non-fault accident management specialists, we know that if it wasn’t your fault, it can compound the problem.

You can be left without access to your vehicle while it is repaired and potentially in a worse position than before the accident, with a substandard repair.

We help ensure that your rights after an accident are upheld and that you are treated fairly by insurers – both yours and the other parties.

Very often after an accident where you are not to blame, your or the third parties’ insurer will try and loan you a temporary small 3-door car while yours is repaired. We are one of the UK’s leading accident claim companies which enables us to provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle, so you can still arrive at a meeting in a nice car similar to yours, or have the space to load it up with people, animals or your stuff.

BY LAW you are entitled to a temporary car of the same category and size as your vehicle. We ensure this happens, and take care of everything relating to non-fault accident insurance, from dealing with the insurers to getting you mobile and into a replacement vehicle within hours after the accident.

Whether you have a car, commercial vehicle, motorbike, or even a farm vehicle, our non-fault accident management specialists have helped over 85,000 people take the stress away, helping you with the facts and deciding on the course of action to take when making a claim.

Call our FREE advice line for guidance before you do anything else on 0800 135 7381 or feel free to learn more on our site first and discover why our clients consider us to be the best accident management company to handle their claim.

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