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How much does a non fault claim affect my insurance?

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Being involved in a car accident is undoubtedly stressful, even more so when the accident wasn’t your fault. After the dust has settled, many motorists often wonder, “How much does a non-fault claim affect my insurance?” This is an important question, as understanding the implications can help manage expectations and make informed decisions about insurance matters.

Firstly, let’s clarify what a ‘non-fault’ claim is. It refers to an insurance claim where the policyholder is not deemed responsible for the accident. Typically, in these cases, the third party’s insurance company will cover the cost of the damages.

Even though a non-fault claim suggests that you weren’t at fault for the accident, it could still potentially impact your car insurance premium. Insurers base their premiums on the level of risk they perceive a driver to be, and having been involved in an accident, even if it wasn’t your fault, can sometimes increase that perceived risk.

The reason for this is statistical. Insurance companies have found that drivers who have made a non-fault claim are more likely to make another claim in the future, whether fault or non-fault. Therefore, your premium may rise due to this increased perceived risk. The extent of the increase depends on various factors, including the insurance company’s policies, the policyholder’s driving history, and the specific circumstances of the accident.

However, it’s important to note that making a non-fault claim should not affect your no-claims bonus (NCB), as the NCB is designed to reward safe drivers who haven’t made any claims. Still, insurance policies can differ significantly, so it’s recommended to check with your insurer to understand their specific rules regarding non-fault claims and the NCB.

To potentially mitigate the impact of a non-fault claim on your premium, you might consider getting non-fault claim protection as part of your insurance. This is an optional extra that protects your premium from increasing after a non-fault claim.

It’s also worth considering the services of an Accident Management Company. They can manage the claim process on your behalf, aiming to recover costs directly from the at-fault driver’s insurer, which may prevent the need to claim on your own policy.

In conclusion, while a non-fault claim might affect your insurance premium due to the statistical likelihood of future claims, it won’t usually affect your no-claims bonus. Understanding this, along with the possible strategies to mitigate the impact, can help manage the financial implications and preserve your driving peace of mind.

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