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Why use an Accident Management Company?

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Nobody likes to have a car or motorbike accident. To allow you to get around as before, with perhaps your family, the transport the dogs for walking or make that important client meeting are essential for many people.

An Accident Management company makes the process of getting you into a like-for-like similar vehicle to your own while yours is repaired a straightforward process. Often, insurance companies will try and put you into a small 3-door car to reduce their costs. What most people don’t know is that in law, you are entitled to be in a similar vehicle.

An Accident Management Company takes away the stress of this process, working with both insurance companies (the ‘at fault’ parties’ insurance company, and your insurance company), ensuring this happens, while arranging repairs to your vehicle to manufacturer-approved standards.

The other bonus is you won’t have to pay an excess on your policy AND you won’t lose your no-claims bonus, as they claim it back from the at-fault parties insurance company.

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Call Our 24x7 Claims Team - Free Advice 0800 135 7381