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What does an Accident Management Company do?

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An accident management company, also known as an accident management services or claims management company, is an organisation that provides assistance and support to individuals who have been involved in accidents. Their primary objective is to help the affected parties navigate the often complex process of dealing with accidents, particularly those involving vehicles. Here are some of the key functions and services offered by accident management companies:

Claims Assistance

Accident management companies assist individuals in handling their insurance claims. They provide guidance on the necessary steps to take and help gather relevant information and documentation to support the claim.

Vehicle Recovery

If a vehicle is damaged and requires towing or recovery, accident management companies can arrange for the vehicle to be collected and transported to a repair facility or storage facility.

Repair Services

These companies typically have partnerships with approved repair garages or workshops where damaged vehicles can be repaired. They facilitate the process by coordinating repairs and ensuring quality workmanship.

Replacement Vehicle Provision

If the individual’s vehicle is undrivable or being repaired, accident management companies can arrange for a replacement vehicle to be provided, allowing the person to continue their daily activities without interruption.

Legal Assistance

Accident management companies may offer legal support or connect individuals with solicitors who specialise in personal injury or accident claims. They can help with the legal aspects of the claim, including negotiating settlements and representing the individual’s interests.

Medical Services

Some accident management companies can assist in arranging medical assessments or treatments for individuals who have sustained injuries in accidents. This can include arranging appointments with healthcare professionals, physiotherapy, or rehabilitation services.

Personal Injury Claims

In cases where an individual has suffered personal injuries, accident management companies can help pursue personal injury claims against the responsible party. They work to gather evidence, liaise with medical professionals, and pursue compensation on behalf of the injured person.

Overall, an accident management company aim to provide comprehensive support to individuals who have experienced accidents, simplifying the process, reducing stress, and helping them get back on track following an incident.

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