What does an Accident Management Company do?

An accident management company, also known as an accident management services or claims management company, is an organisation that provides assistance and support to individuals who have been involved in accidents. Their primary objective is to help the affected parties navigate the often complex process of dealing with accidents, particularly those involving vehicles. Here are… Read More

Non fault claim

A non-fault claim is a situation where you, as the driver, are not the culpable party should your vehicle get damaged or if you sustain injuries due to an accident caused by another driver’s negligence. In instances where you find yourself involved in an accident that wasn’t caused by you, and the other involved driver… Read More

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident

This page tells you what you can do if the accident wasn’t your fault and what you need to think about before your vehicle is repaired. You could use an Accident Management company rather than claim on your own Insurance policy and you won’t have to pay the excess on your policy or risk losing… Read More

Why don’t people just ring their insurance company after an accident?

The main reason is – most people don’t know their rights after an accident that wasn’t their fault. Your rights after a non-fault accident include the right to be put into a like-for-like courtesy car (not a small car provided by a garage or insurance company that is often suggested by them) while yours is… Read More

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