What happens after an accident if my vehicle is undriveable or I’ve incurred other out-of-pocket expenses?

Don’t worry – any costs you have incurred after a car accident can be recovered from the at-fault parties’ insurance if it wasn’t your fault. The priority of getting back on the road quickly and easily following a road traffic accident is our priority. Our specialist claims team will ensure that your car is repaired… Read More

Like-for-like replacement hire vehicles after an accident

If you have been unfortunate to have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault (also called a ‘non-fault accident’), you are entitled under the general principles of law to the use of a replacement vehicle that is similar to yours. Like-for-like accident replacement vehicles minimise any inconvenience whilst your own vehicle is off… Read More

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident

This page tells you what you can do if the accident wasn’t your fault and what you need to think about before your vehicle is repaired. You could use an Accident Management company rather than claim on your own Insurance policy and you won’t have to pay the excess on your policy or risk losing… Read More

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