Laws on Car Accidents: A Layman’s Guide

Laws on car accidents in the UK are designed to ensure safety, accountability, and fair compensation after an unfortunate event that can happen to anyone. This article aims to demystify these laws for the average person, providing a clear understanding of what is expected legally in the event of a car accident. Legal Obligations at… Read More

Understanding UK Car Accident Fault Determination Rules

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of daily life.  When an accident occurs, determining who is at fault is a crucial aspect of the process that follows when UK car accident fault determination rules apply. The rules that guide this determination are grounded in the principles of traffic laws and legal liability, striving to offer… Read More

How to prove a car accident wasn’t your fault

How to prove a car accident wasn’t your fault can be an overwhelming experience. This proof is instrumental in avoiding unwarranted liability and protecting your no-claims discount. Here are several steps to collect evidence supporting your innocence: Gathering Evidence at the Scene: The immediate aftermath of the accident is the optimal time to collect pertinent… Read More

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident

This page tells you what you can do if the accident wasn’t your fault and what you need to think about before your vehicle is repaired. You could use an Accident Management company rather than claim on your own Insurance policy and you won’t have to pay the excess on your policy or risk losing… Read More

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